Mind boggling

It boggles my mind that we are the greatest nation on earth, the most powerful and prosperous but our direction and future can be affected by special interest groups clamoring for their idiotic ideology.

Politicians fear losing their jobs and because of that they pander to the demands of their constituents.  Decades ago politicians looked out for what they thought was the good of the country while also looking out for themselves. 

There are those on the left that are completely ignorant and illogical when it comes to what is taking place on the world stage.  I still scratch my head and can’t understand why there is this constant ranting that we need to pull out of Iraq.  Do they equate the Marines with the Boy Scouts?  What do they think the Marines are for.  Do they believe they should all be stateside helping old ladies cross the street?  Maybe we should put them to work cleaning up trash along the highways.  They’d be safe.  This is an all volunteer military!!!!   There is no draft!!  These men and women signed up.  If a pole was taken among the military personnel in Iraq the majority would not want to come home until the mission is accomplished and things are stable there.

These crazy liberals know nothing of Jihadism, the workings of Iran, or the mindset of the Middle East.  We need an American/Western presence there.  Iraq is next to Iran and on the other side is Afghanistan.  We are nicely sandwiching Iran, keeping an eye on them.  If we pull out of Iraq it will be a disaster of great proportions. 

I can’t fathom that American policy is steered by groups of people who are ignorant and foolish.  The rest of the world watches and shakes it’s head that so great a vessel is controlled by such an uneducated population.  The only people who are happy with this are our enemies.


It only takes a few

It amazes me that it only takes a few people to lead the masses astray.  During pre-World War II a group of men plotted and schemed to take over Germany.  The propaganda machine pumped out their message over and over again.  They appealed to the emotions of the people and gained their support.  Six years after the start of the war 6 million Jews and overall 25 million people were dead. 

Human beings tend to allow their emotions to lead them instead of using their minds.  Our minds should be the engine that pulls our emotions along behind.  Truth should be the map that guides us.

We are fortunate to live in a country where we have a strong and solid constitution that protects us, gives us our rights, and limits the powers of government.  But, all it takes is a few to chip away over time at these guarantees and we could end up repeating history in some form or another.

The politicians that we have running for office today are in no way to be compared to Hitler.  But what you do see is the similarities in the people.  People like to have their ears tickled and their emotions soothed.  When a man is a good orator, makes promises that can’t be kept, and sways the emotions of his listeners this can be dangerous.  The attendees to these rallies don’t even know what the truth is but all the know is that he makes them feel good and gives them “hope”.  They are not sure what the hope is in but just that it’s hope. 

The old and worn out statement still rings true, if you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything.